Secure, Smart Homes for Everyone

If you believe that home automation is a luxury reserved for the rich, you’re far from the truth. Remember, crime doesn’t discriminate, and that’s why it’s essential to put in all measures to take greater care. Your home can be fitted with intelligent technologies to keep it safe and secured. Our smart solution packages come at surprisingly affordable rates, making safety and security possible for many smart homes today.

One Stop Shop

Homatico is a one-stop shop for all your smart technology needs. Whether you’re looking to secure your home or improve its safety features, save on energy, or just live more connectedly, we’re here to help you out.

Customized, Integrated Solutions

Bring your home to life with our range of top-of-the-line, multi-brand integrated solutions that work to make your spaces smarter. Looking to make your home safer for the family? Look at our safety and security surveillance solutions. Want to make your home function optimally, even remotely? Our smart home technologies can make that happen for you now.

Secured for Life

When you need to go out of town, you can leave your home in safe hands : Ours.Multiple sensors installed at key points will ensure you are always kept informed of any activity in and around your home. Pre-installed CCTV / IP cameras will capture footage as well as provide real-time views of your home. You can customise your security profile based on your specific preferences and arm/disarm your smart home remotely. Our security solutions are programmed to detect any threat and raise an alarm, immediately notifying you via message and phone call, no matter where you are in the world.

Smart home in Bangalore

Voice Control Home

Today, you can interact with your home the way you would with a person. Just say “Good Night” to switch off all lights and let the Homatico’s intelligent system take vigil as you and your family sleep. While this may simply be a fancy to some, it can be a virtual home aide for many others such as children, the elderly, and the infirm.

We bring a sci-fi like experience to your home by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI assistants, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. All your movies, music, news bulletins, calendar alerts, traffic updates, and more, are just a spoken command away.

With Homatico, you really are the boss of it all.

Light up your Life

Ambience can have a great impact on your mood, helping to rejuvenate or relax you. Temperature and lighting play an important role in setting the tone and creating an ambience that best suits your purpose. It begins with motions sensors that switch the lights on when you enter a room or open your wardrobe. Then, whether you feel like dancing in your living room, watching a film, chilling out with your friends, or spending a romantic evening with your partner – Homatico can help craft the perfect backdrop and scene.

Similarly, you can keep your home as cool or cosy as you like – even from afar. Control your heating and cooling system from anywhere, so you can feel perfectly comfortable as soon as you step through the door.

Everything with a single command. Yours.

Home automation services in Bangalore

Safety & Security

Burglar, Fire & Earthquake Alarm

Convenience & Comfort

Luxury Automated

Heating & AC

Temperature based Power Control HVAC


Clock your Geyser, Lights

App Control

Remote Control Home from Everywhere

Motion Lights

Fully Automated Lightning

Automated Curtains

Motorized Curtains

Home Appliance

Control all your Appliance

Energy Savings

Save upto 40% Energy

Home Theater

Disco Sound with Acoustic

Video Door Phone

Receive Doorbell Online

Mood Scenes


Voice Command

Alexa, Turn off All Lights


Retrofit, Upgrade existing Home

Sliding Gate

Automated Car Entry

Monitor from Everywhere

Integrated CCTV / IP Camera

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Automate your Day, Week, Month

We at Homatico, know our customers. We understand that you have demands on your day which leave you limited time to spend with your loved ones. Automation is a clever solution to make the most of your day and save time.

Imagine waking up to sunlight filtering in and brightening your room gradually. Your water heater switches on the moment you’re out of bed, and your morning coffee starts brewing as you step into the shower. While you get dressed for work, your smart assistant updates you on your meetings and appointments of the day. And when you leave home, simply power off all appliances with the single press of a button on your smart keychain.

Automating mundane, redundant routines lets you experience the ease and luxury of a convenient, modern, futuristic home. Live the tomorrow life, today.

Energy Savings

Homatico Smart Solutions can schedule your geysers to turn on/off at predetermined time or switch off AC/HVAC automatically to save power. Let’s do our bit to save upto 30% of your electricity bill.

Saving electricity not only saves your bills, but help you to contribute in saving environment. Consider 30% of saved energy in every Homatico Smart Home brings a high value to our society. Our Solution use only LEDs for lightning,  but provides 16 million colors to your home. Our motion detectors can automatically switch off your devices within specified time limits, even if you have forgot to turn it off.

Digital Door Lock in Bangalore

Smart Entertainment

If you have a smart TV we can make it smarter. If you don’t have a smart TV, Homatico can help make it smart by adding voice commands. Now you can forget about remote controls. They’re practically obsolete. A voice command is all that is necessary to switch on your TV, change the volume, or channel surf.

You can also live stream your music with voice commands. Sign up with one of our entertainment subscriptions and you can choose from among 10 million songs. Alternatively, you can choose to listen to music only by one artist by simply commanding your music system to do so. And there’s even more:

     – Voice-based videos and Google search on your existing non-smart HD/4K TV
     – Watch TV shows online with DTS sound
     – Play your favourite Android games on your TV

Control your TV/AV Receiver/Home theatre just with your phone or voice command.

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