Be it a movie with family, or meditation music for your morning, a romantic evening or a party night, we curate the best home theater experience for your taste. We bring some of the best AV brands in the world to offer you an immersive AV experience for your home theater, bedroom and living room. We offer end-to-end solutions by combining our years of expertise in AV technology and best acoustics and lighting from leading brands.


AVR is the most important element of your Home Theater. It takes the signal from input sources USB, DVD, BlueRay, WiFi connected streaming devices like Firestick or Chrome cast, amplifies the signals and send the output to Speakers. Sometimes PreAmp and Amplifier can be two different devices but many people prefer an integrated PreAmp and Amplifier for the simplicity. A good set of speakers have to be paired with the right AVR to bring the best of both. We offer some of the best brands like Denon, Yamaha or Marantz for the AVR to give you the best sound quality and latest features.
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A right set of speakers is required based upon the room size, your need and taste. We deal in top brands like Yamaha, Wharfedale, Harman Kardon, Polk Audio and Monitor Audio to provide you a best Audio experience for your home theater, bedroom, living room, washroom, gym area or coffee deck. Home theater room size will determine the speakers’ configuration (5.1 or 5.1.2 or 7.1 or 7.1.2). Although different set of speakers are required for different rooms, we can adopt a cohesive approach to integrate all of them together to play your favorite music wherever you go (Multi Room Audio) or keep them in silos.


When it comes to Home theater displays “Bigger the Better”. An appropriate big screen according to the room size takes the whole experience to a different level. Although technology is evolved to provide any screen size using the LED displays, there are many benefits using the projector over LED display screen:
1) Projectors are much cost effective than screens
2) Projectors provide comparable quality (2K,4K) to the LED screens
3) Projectors are passive displays and always preferred for long watching hours to avoid the eye fatigue
4) To an extent display size is adjustable
We deal in Epson and Benq projectors to give you best quality. We also provide projector in case projector has to be hidden for esthetic reasons.


A screen has to be decided based upon the room size and your preference for the quality and rolling mechanism. A screen is available in different sizes and can be fixed or rolling. Rolling mechanism can be manual or motorized. A Fixed screen is a good option for dedicated home theater room while a rolling screen is suitable for a multi-purpose entertainment room. A good screen is made of a high quality fabric to be able to provide 2K or 4K quality as per the projector output. Elite and Clite are some of the brands we deal in.

Cables and Accessories

We can choose the best amplifier and best speakers but all of these are in vain if we don’t use the high quality speaker wire, HDMI cable, subwoofer cable and connectors. High quality oxygen free cables and connectors ensure signal fidelity all the way through to provide you the best audio quality.
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