Brain of the FIBARO system

Home Center 2 is a FIBARO system’s brain which enables
managing home automation and other Z-Wave certified
products including:
•alarm systems
•control and measuring devices

Home Center 2 manages FIBARO system via:
•intuitive mobile app
•voice control

Designed to make you happy

Great things come in small packages. Introducing a new dimension of comfort – Home Center Lite, the incredibly compact
brain of the FIBARO System. Our latest creation is designed with your needs in mind. Let it change your life, making it safer
and more convenient, and your home intelligent, efficient and comfortable. Small thing – big impact!

New image of comfort

Thanks to mobile devices compatibility Home Center 2 watches over your close ones and will do everything to prepare the house before you come back from school, work or vacations. Geolocation function will inform your house and you via smart phone notification about family members getting closer to the house. You will know that the kids got safe and sound from school and that a chilly living room is waiting for your wife.

Safety above all

Home automation devices cooperating within FIBARO system, the brain of which is Home Center, constantly monitor your safety.
After configuring motion, flood, smoke and CO sensors with your alarm system, not only will youtbe immediately informed about the danger via the app, but most of all, your house will respond to that emergency, by cutting off the water valve, turning on the light illumination and sound alarm or closing the roller blinds.

Wireless Surveillance - Monitor Everything on your Phone

Relay Switch

Wireless Controls to your existing switches seamlessly.

Door Sensor

Generate intruder alert and automate your entry lights.

RGBW Controller

Live with colors, change your ambiance with 16 million colors.

Key Fob

30 operations in your hand just on a press of a button.

Roller Shutter

Automate your curtains/blinds and motorized gates.

Motion Sensor

Generate intruder alert and automate your home as per your convenience.

Smoke Sensor

In case of emergency generate and send alarm to you wherever you are.


Control your home with multiple gestures with no touch.


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