CCTV has been at the forefront tools for physical security monitoring in homes, offices, factories, and institutions. It has been instrumental in deterring or resolving incidents. As we usher into the AI era, new CCTV cameras, or even the existing CCTV infrastructure, can be equipped with the capabilities to report intrusion, fire, non-compliance, attendance, or any other interesting parameters. CCTV no longer has to be just a passive eye but an intelligent system to alert and prevent situations in real-time.
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Cameras equipped with AI are not only being used for security and surveillance but for many other fields to bring efficiencies and remove the need for human intervention. Warehouses, Retail outlets, factories compliance, school attendance, intelligent traffic control are just a few examples. Reach out to us for more information.
Cameras equipped with IR based thermal imaging are being used to identify the people with high temperatures and triaging them for further tests for infections like COVID-19. China has successfully used its surveillance system to track and quarantine the people who have been in touch with the positive found cases. Barring the debate on how mass surveillance technology can be misused, we focus on what benefits (done at a smaller controlled environment) it can bring in to make the world a safer and smarter place. Homatico partnered with AI and video analytics companies to offer our customers intelligent surveillance solutions.
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