Zero Human Intervention Home Automation by Homatico

It’s been a decade since smart home started being popular and adopted. So what do you think the best home automation experience can be, Is it controlling your appliances by App, Or Voice Command. If your home automation definition ends there, you are far away from a complete home automation experience. The best automated home will never let you even think about your home appliances, It will be self managing and you will not be required to even touch a button. Consider the following scenarios when you are required to think about your home.

Feeling Hot or Cold
Your HVAC can be directly switched On or Off just based on occupancy in the room and the temperature of the room.

Leave Your Home on its Own
Your home can auto lock itself and ARM the security system when no one is detected in the whole home for an hour. It will automatically switch off all your Lights, Fan, TV and AC.

Auto Off Power Devices
Consider a auto off timer of your Geyser irrespective of time whenever you switch it on.

Scheduled Timings are Obvious
Automatically switch on your outside lights based on your choice of time.

Sun Rise/Set Scenes
Open your window curtains on every morning and let the sunshine wake you up with freshness of the morning. Also let everything close on sunset and be there light.

Location Based Automation
Let your house prepare itself on your arrival it detects GPS location of your home and prepare warm/cold for you.