How Choose Best Video Door Phone to Integrate with your Smart Home

A smart home is the need of the hour as it help in environment conservation and safeguards our homes from intruders. Video door phone is a commendable product in the league of home automation solutions. With its advanced technology, it makes sure that no one enters your home without your permission.

Relatively a new product in home automation solutions, video door phone is a stand-alone intercom system that allows a user to get a real-time view of the visitor. You can also make the video call to the visitor, ask for the reason of the visit, and even decide whether to open the door or not. Since its inception, it has garnered special significance in the home automation industry owing to its ability to control the access inside your home. More and more people are making it a part of their smart homes.

To avail all of these benefits, it is more than imperative that you pick the right video door phone. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. The market is flooded with ample of options and each claim to be the best one. So, the burning question here is:

Who is trustworthy?

Well, Homatico has the answer of this. Being a market leader in offering tailor-made home automation solutions, it offers you the right suggestions. Their store in Bangalore has a dedicated team of smart home experts that knows every tit and bit of home automation.

Here is Homatico’s video door phone buying guide that will help you out to make the right and conscious choice. Read this out and grab the best one.

What features you should consider while buying video door phones?

Some of the crucial features to look out in your video door phones are:

  • Offline vs Online – Most of the cheap video door phone available in the market starting from 4,000/- are offline. That means you can only receive a video call in your kitchen or living room. In today’s world, when we are moving forward with latest technologies, do you want to lag behind with obsolete technology just to save extra bucks? You can afford an online VDP starting from 7500/- and you don’t have to replace your VDP for next 10 years.

  • Night vision– If you want to have around the clock surveillance over your home then it is very important that your video door phone comes with a great night vision. Without this feature, it is only half good.

  • Integration with intercom – Many of the cheap video door phone available in the market have only proprietary technology. Those don’t go well with other system. Those have their own app and you need to install another app just for a video door phone. The most important video door phone goes well with smart home are SIP (session initiation protocol) video door phone. You can connect them to your Wi-Fi network take video call on your phone/tab inside or outside home.

  • Door Unlock Feature – Check if your video door phone has the door unlocks features and can integrate it with available Digital Door Locks at no extra cost.

  • Hands-free calls – No one wants to get tangled in the wires. Hands-free calls features help a user move freely inside the house while using video door phones.

  • Remote access– Remote access of your video door phone helps you operate it from anywhere; you need not to be physically present at the door to open it.

  • Recording and storage – You may require the record of visitors in the future. That is why it is important that your video door phone cannot only make video calls to your phone but also record any movement at your doorstep.

Some question to ask before the final purchase

Choosing the best video phone is not like picking an artifact. As it holds the onus of your house security, it has to be nothing but the best. While you are in the hunt for best video door phone, Homatico says that you should inquire for a few factors. Here is a list of them.

  • Are you wasting money buying old, cheap and offline Video Door Phones, while you can have latest advance technology only at a little price?

Because of the lack of proper knowledge your builder might fool you and install a cheap video door phone while charging you hefty money in the name of Smart Home. Beware of that and let experts do their job.

  • How well they gel with other smart home components?

Your video door phone is not going to work alone. It has to join hands with other smart home options in order to deliver par excellence. Homatico says that you should check what sort of compatibility it holds with other home automation solutions such as Amazon Echo and Alexa. The well it gels the better it is.

  • What sort of latency it has?

Your visitor is not going to stand at the door for ages. Hence it is very important to check the latency of the chosen one. Make sure that it captures the internet well and notifies you as soon as the visitor shows up.

  • What is the quality of the live view?

There is no point of getting an all blurred view of the visitors as you will not be able to identify them well. So, make sure that your pick video door phone that gives you a crystal clear live view.


Video door phone is a great product that helps you get a hold of access to visitors inside your home. Homatico houses the best-in-class video door phone that can be integrated well with your smart home. So, visit their store today and get the right suggestion and option for video door phone.